Kelly Car Buyer, Auto Dealers  Used Cars, Frankfort, IL

How We Pay More

There are several reasons that we're able to pay more cash than all of our competition.

First, all of our advertising is online. TV, radio, and print ads are expensive. Our online focus means that we don't have to recoup high marketing costs from our customers.

Second, we keep our business overhead low. We don't own a salvage yard, used car lot, steel recycling facility, a fleet of tow trucks, or an auto auction business and storage yard. We just buy used and junk cars.

Lastly, we've spent many years building relationships with customers, as well as recyclers, used parts suppliers, junk yards, car dealers, and all facets of the secondary car business. Before we pick up a car, we'll shop it around to every possible buyer of used and junk cars. We find the highest bidder, and can offer our customers the most cash possible as a result.

Keeping costs low, shopping the cars we're offered around to the highest bidder, earning repeat business and good word of mouth advertising, have combined to make our business successful.

We pay the most cash possible for used and junk cars because we've worked hard to improve our business model since we bought, fixed up, and resold our first car in the early 1980's.

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